A magical story

An unforgettable journey, the birth of Hotel Svart.

It started with a 24-hour drive across Norway, the father wanting to show his boys the beauty of their homeland before they stepped out into the world. Their adventures led them to the majestic Svartisen glacier, a breathtaking sight of blue ice, green hillsides, and clear fjord waters.

Then, months later, a chance encounter sparked an idea in the father. What if he could create a place where more people could experience the magic of Svartisen, without harming the environment? The answer: an energy-positive, sustainable hotel.

Thus, the Svart Hotel was born – an architectural marvel inspired by a father’s love for his children and his homeland. A hotel designed to give back more than it takes, to exist in harmony with nature, and to offer guests the chance to experience the raw beauty of Norway.

Welcome to Svart!