I am Farnosh, your contact at Project Svart! 

I’m Farnosh, and I’ve recently taken on as your first point of contact to ensure you get the follow-up regarding the

 Svart project and what’s happening. We will arrange many events for our stakeholders, and the latest is now a culinary

 journey that starts in September and will be done in all four seasons throughout 2024. You can read more under the Events page and secure your spot to experience first hand.

I enjoyed visiting Svartisen for the first time before joining the project full-time, immersing myself in the area and the team I’ll be working with. The experience was truly enchanting, and I’ve been reflecting on what resonated with me the most, although it’s quite a challenge to pinpoint just one aspect.

As an outdoor enthusiast accustomed to mountain hikes and awe-inspiring landscapes, the encounter with the ancient forest surrounding the glacier left me utterly speechless – a rarity for someone like me who loves to talk! 

The vibrant shades of green found in everything, from leaves on trees to moss on rocks, grass on the ground, and reeds along the shoreline, are nothing short of awe-inspiring.


Engabreen is just one of 3-400 “arms” and about 1% of the large Svartisen Glacier.


The birch trees, slightly twisted and displaying their white trunks, the stream flowing with ice-cold, crystal-clear water from the glacier – I even took off my shoes and stepped into it, immediately feeling the chill, even in July.

Although I didn’t grow up with glaciers or mountain hiking, the Norwegian concept of outdoor living and wholesome local cuisine has deeply resonated with me. 

The fact that I had the opportunity to partake in glacier hiking in my lifetime surpassed my wildest dreams. We ascended to the glacier’s edge, where the glacier guide assured us it was safe to tread. 

The immense pride I felt, and still feel, almost overwhelmed me. Stepping onto Svartisen, a relic of the ages, untouched and brimming with the incredible forces of Norwegian nature, brought tears to my eyes multiple times. You can even laugh at that, but it was a wondrous and surreal experience for me.


A glacierwalk is a perfect way to experience the north – and challenge your fright of heights.


After the excitement settled, my body craved sustenance – and what better way to satisfy it than with locally sourced, fresh, and authentic cuisine prepared by the finest chefs? The culinary scene in Nordland is dominated by what the sea and nature have to offer, clean and fresh.

Would you like to join me in savouring the culinary treasures of Northern Norway? Witnessing the splendour of Svartisen up close and wandering through the ancient forest? Bring your swimwear – we could even take a refreshing ice bath together. I’m ready for new adventures in the splendid Meløy region.

We’re in the process of planning more excursions. Feel free to explore our website and register for the newsletter to secure your spot on one of our upcoming tours while they’re still available!

Please check out our FAQ page. We get a lot of good questions and I expect it to be many more.

I will be here for you, and I welcome you to reach out in any way and will do my very best.


Warm regards