Join us as CFO for Hotel Svart

Transform the Future of Sustainable Finance!

We are on an exciting journey at the Hotel Svart, aiming to become a completely off-grid, sustainable hospitality haven by 2030. Located at the base of the mesmerizing Svartisen glacier in Norway, our vision involves much more than being just a hotel – we are a catalyst for change in sustainable living and the travel industry.

We’re looking for an extraordinary Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to join us on this journey. This role is not just about overseeing our financial strategy. It’s about pioneering a future where financial growth and sustainability go hand-in-hand.

Our ideal CFO will help us navigate the complex landscape of green finance and grants while developing our carbon accounting processes. A crucial aspect of this role is a commitment to new, transformative metrics – merging traditional financial Return on Investment (ROI) with an innovative Return on Environment (ROE).

Are you a financial leader passionate about sustainability? Are you ready to shape the future of sustainable financial reporting? We’d love to hear from you! Apply now or tag a friend who would be perfect for this unique opportunity.

For more on our vision and the Svart journey:

Let’s transform the industry together.