Six Senses to operate Hotel Svart

The world is eagerly awaiting the grand opening of the revolutionary hotel Svart  in Norway, set to become the world’s first energy-positive hotel. Six Senses Hotels & Resorts will be the official operator of the hotel, exciting news for those who have been following the development of the project from its inception.

The hotel’s location at the base of a majestic glacier is breathtaking, with the promise to set higher standards for sustainability in the hospitality industry. By focusing on carbon-neutral transformative travel experiences, the hotel promises to be an unmissable destination for conscious travellers.

The partnership with Six Senses is a perfect match, as the brand is renowned for its commitment to sustainable tourism. With Svart’s unique positioning in the market and Six Senses’ dedication to responsible travel, this hotel is set to change the way we experience travel and environmental responsibility.

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