Six Senses to operate Hotel Svart

Six Senses logo - Hotel Svart - Norway @SVART

The world is eagerly awaiting the grand opening of the revolutionary hotel Svart  in Norway, set to become the world’s first energy-positive hotel. Six Senses Hotels & Resorts will be the official operator of the hotel, exciting news for those who have been following the development of the project from its inception. The hotel’s location at the […]

Harnessing AI at Hotel Svart

Photo by Google DeepMind on Unsplash

Our Secret Weapon in the Pursuit of Net Zero and Beyond In Norway’s pristine wilderness, hugging the Svartisen glacier, the Hotel Svart stands as a beacon of sustainable architecture. Our mission? To move beyond mere coexistence with nature and actively nourish it. We’ve set our sights on a bold target: total off-grid operations by 2030. […]

Hotel Svart

The upcoming Hotel Svart by Svartisen Glacier, Norway

A Beacon of Norway’s Commitment to Sustainability and Innovation Norway, a picturesque destination filled with natural beauty and expansive space, has long enchanted both local residents and international visitors. With its breathtaking fjords, Northern Lights, and captivating wildlife, this Scandinavian country captivates people’s hearts like no other. However, Norway’s allure extends beyond aesthetics, as it […]