Ambition drives our journey to off-grid sustainability

Illustration photo - Hotel Svart

Hotel Svart’s Three-Step Journey Towards Off-Grid Autonomy. In the shadow of Norway’s Svartisen glacier, the Hotel Svart unfolds an ambitious roadmap towards a sustainable future. Guided by a three-tier vision, we aim to exceed energy demand, balance carbon emissions, and finally, achieve total off-grid operations by 2030. Experience luxury reimagined through the lens of ecological […]

The Norwegian Biodiversity Act and Hotel SVART

Embracing the rigorous Norwegian Biodiversity Act, the SVART Project pioneers a path for harmonizing development with biodiversity conservation, preparing for today’s and futur environmental demands. With the imminent reality of climate change and the perilous situation our planet is findingitself in, the need for sustainable practices and legal frameworks that prioritize environmental preservation is more […]

Sustainable hospitality

The intersection of technology, comfort, and sustainability at SvartIn an era where sustainability is increasingly important to global travelers, Svart sets a new standard for eco-luxury in the hospitality industry. According to’s Sustainable Travel Report, 81% of travelers prioritize sustainable practices during their travels. As such, sustainability is not a trend, but a fundamental […]